Augmented Reality and the Future of Print

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The Future of Print Advertising

Welcome to the debut of the Zyphon Blog, a resource to share information about the best way Zyphon Media can help your business utilize emerging technology. Today, I want to talk about the hottest thing in the publishing world, a technology called Augmented Reality (or AR for short).

Augmented Reality is still a new concept for most but it’s gaining a lot of traction in 2013 and will be everywhere in a few years. Here is how it works: Augmented Reality transforms a standard 2-D image into a 3-D video image. A consumer simply views a print ad through his or her smartphone, tablet or Google Glasses, and watches as the still image (print ad, catalogue, billboard, magazine cover) comes to life.

There are a lot of cool Augmented Reality Apps out there that you can download right now to see what all the excitement is about. You’ll see there are already Augmented Reality print ads around you that you can check out.

Augmented Reality will reinvent the print ad world in the next few years because it gives print ads more interactivity and an animated quality they’ve never had before. And let’s face it; print is dying a slow death. Data shows consumers will appreciate the innovation. According to Cisco, by 2017, almost 70% of all traffic on SmartPhones will be video…let that sink in. Odds are the next wave of consumers will overwhelmingly prefer watching videos rather than reading print.

Companies using AR in their Print Ads

That is why smart companies are already using AR technology in their ad campaigns. Some of the biggest companies in the world are using AR, aligning their brands with the new technology to impress their customers and stay ahead of the curve.



TaylorMade Golf did a good job integrating Augmented Reality into their ads. They wanted to showcase their new R1 driver (not on shelves yet), so they ran an AR Print Campaign highlighting the features of the club, using both stills and videos.  Consumers with an “AR app” on their SmartPhones or Tablets got a digital view of the club, the ability to spin the club-head, rotate the club, view it from multiple angles and digitally customize the club by adjusting the loft and face angle.

Not a Trend, the Future

In the past, businesses paid for a simple print ad and that was that. Now with AR you get more-bang-for-your-buck and the benefits of added video, 3-D animation, spoken copy, music, the possibilities are endless. As technology evolves, it’s crucial that your business evolves along with it. Augmented reality isn’t just a trend folks; it’s the future. Did you know Smartphone usage grew 81% in 2012!? Smart businesses will start using AR or face getting left in the dust.

Zyphon Media can help your business develop Augmented Reality print advertising campaigns.


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